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Keep your schedule on track and up to date. Review My Loving Nanny’s booking calendar anytime to confirm your work schedule.

My Loving Nanny Booking Calendar

2016 Team Focus

We are excited to continue our partnership with Bright Horizons into 2016. We have been able to grow a great team of nannies to help families all over the Seattle area. We are so glad we get to work with each one of you!
You are our success and we want to see 2016 even more successful as you pursue goals, dreams and commitments throughout the year.

While continuing the flexible, independent and fun work environment, we would like everyone to focus on a few key things this year so we can be a stronger team.

  1. Intro calls – This is the most important part of your job! I know you haven’t even arrived at the job yet, but this will ensure you even get there! Please call the family as soon as you get the confirmation email from us.This is mandatory for every day you work. If you are with the same family every day for a period of time please confirm next days care before you leave for the day. Plans can always change and we want to ensure that you have the most accurate information before you show up for work each day.
  2. Up to date schedules – This is also the most important part of your job! We need to ensure our nannies provide the highest level of professionalism and service. Showing up and being on time is essential to the success of our team. 
    We have included our working calendar above so you can see the jobs we have booked each day. You will be able to see if you are working, if a job is cancelled and not on the calendar, or if times have changed. If there is something off from the information you have, please reach out to us right away – 206.356.3890 or
  3. Connecting with your team – Because of the nature of this work, providing backup care for working parents, going to requests you’ve been booked for impacts many pieces. When we do not have nannies fulfill the requests they’ve committed too, there is a larger impact beyond just not providing care for the children.As a nanny you select what hours and days you’d like to work so we put all responsibility in your hands to ensure you know you’re able to work the jobs you’ve committed to. Please know you can work with your team of nannies to ensure we provide a professional service as a company. If you aren’t able to work a request you were scheduled for, please reach out to other team members to see if they can help cover your request. MLN Nanny team
    If a nanny is able to help you, the nanny booked needs to let us know if another nanny will replace them.
    We are very understanding and have the grace needed for emergencies that arise.
  4. Feedback/Input – We value you and your suggestions, feedback and input. You are our hands and feet and you also have great and creative ideas. We want to hear from you!
    If you think there is something you can have or do that makes your job easier or fun, please share it with the team.

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