About Us

My Loving Nanny is here to help you with the most important aspect in your life, your child(ren). We are committed to providing exceptional childcare for families in Seattle, WA, Spokane, WA and Portland, OR.

Our mission is to create loving and positive atmospheres in the homes of every family by recruiting and referring trustworthy, dependable and reliable nannies to our clients.

My Loving Nanny works with the family to find the right nanny while providing a safety net. If either one should find themselves in a situation that is not the right fit, we are there to rectify it to the best of our abilities, or make other arrangements for both parties. We strive to make long-lasting relationships between the family and the nanny.

We are proud to be serving families in Washington and Oregon State.

We look forward to working with you!

 – MLN


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