Event Care

Ideal for wedding planning, conferences, corporate events and more…

Do you have childcare needs for your next event? We are here to help! Register now to get started.

My Loving Nanny will ensure that your event runs smoothly with the helping hands of professional vetted childcare nannies. With our assistance, we can make sure your private or corporate event, meeting, wedding or party will have the staff necessary to entertain all the little ones. Having childcare provided at your events is a convenience for your employees or your guests, who might have trouble making childcare arrangements for the event.

All of our nannies that provide event care are highly-qualified, professional caregivers and have years of experience in the childcare industry. All of our sitters bring a “nanny bag” which is filled with easy mess-free crafts, games, activities, everything needed to keep children entertained during the duration of the event.

Please fill out this form to let us know about the childcare needs you have for your next event.

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